10th Anniversary 40k Tournament Ticket - Early Registration

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It's been a long road, but we are about to start our 11th year serving your gaming needs.  What does that mean?  First, it means a huge THANK YOU to everyone who's supported us over the years, it also means we're celebrating our 10th Anniversary!!  How better to celebrate than with a 40k Tournament?

We are limiting the tournament to 20 participants, so get your ticket early to make sure you get a seat.  Also, you'll save $5 on the entry by buying the ticket here :)

Event Info

When - Saturday August 7th

When - Pre-registration starts at 10am, event starts at 11am.  

How Much - $30 at the door ($25 for early registration) -- Entry fees are going towards prize support and pizza.  

The tournament will be 3 rounds, We Will Be Using Best Coast Pairings, so download the player app.

Rounds are 2.5 hours (or less if everyone is done)

We will be using 9th edition rules, be sure to bring your rulebooks, codecies, dice, measuring tools, etc...

Missions will be randomly determined prior to the event from the 2021 GT book.

Army Info

2000 pts (you can run under 2000pts, but not over)

Armies will be held to the 3 color painting standard (the base color counts, so if you have a blue space marine with a black gun on a brown base, you've met the requirements)

Any conversions need to meet the Games Workshop tournament guidelines (ie they need to be made predominantly from GW bits) As far as 3d printing goes, a fully 3d printed army/model will not be valid, however, 3d printed parts on a GW model are fine.

Proxies - Generally proxies are not allowed, however, due to how difficult it has been to get some of the GW products recently, proxies will be allowed for this tournament, BUT, they must be reasonably converted to represent the unit/model they are supposed to be representing.  

If you're unclear on if a model is legal, get in touch with one of the Tournament Organizers prior to the event to get the ok on a conversion/proxy.  

Bring a printed list of your army.  You are responsible for making sure your list is valid.  If you'd like, you can use battlescribe and attach your list through the Best Coast Player App. (side note, we are NOT sponsored by either company, they are just easy to use, and both are free).

More info can be found here on our Facebook page.


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