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You’ve done it now… you all went into the library, knowing that bad things have happened in there even though it has been told there is a magical book known as The Grimore inside. Well… you found it, but now you’ve angered the great sorcerer and he will stop at nothing to get it back. The library is a huge maze now, but you do have one trick up your sleeve: The Grimore knows the way out, but unfortunately it cannot talk, but must use the pages inside to show you clues. However… the cunning wizard also has a trick… he’s managed to put one of you under a spell, and now they work for him and are trying to sabotage your escape…

Obscurio is a co-operative role driven storytelling game. It’s mechanics are similar to Dixit and Mysterium… and it’s actually more like Mysterium, in where a player takes the role of The Grimore and must help the other players, but cannot communicate with words and must use pictures instead. However, there is also a traitor in the midst of the players, and how the Grimore communicates is used via new methods to this genre… but is that enough to make Obscurio stand out, or will it just fade into obscurity? (see what I did there?) Read on and find out.


Inside the box there is a foldable card holder with a time track on he back, a game board, a desk board with 2 butterfly markers, 7 loyalty card (6 loyal and 1 traitor), 7 character cards and matching tokens, 14 traps with a cloth bag for them, 30 cohesion tokens, 1 60 second hourglass, a more difficult room tile, 4 special round plastic sheets and 84 unique illusion cards.

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