Spring Siege Age of Sigmar Tournament Ticket

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Goblin Town’s Age of Sigmar Spring Siege Tournament

The tournament will be held on Saturday May 28th, at Goblin Town Games in Pocatello.

Ticket prices are $20, you can pick up a ticket here, or at the door. Your entry fee goes towards prize support and lunch for the players.  If you are interested please keep reading below for all the details.


  • Preregistration will begin at 9AM the day of the tournament and round 1 begins at 10AM sharp.
  • Please be sure to have the Best Coast Pairings player app downloaded and make sure you’re registered on it. It’s free to register, this is how we keep score and create match pairings for each round of the tournament.
  • This is a 3 round tournament, missions will be randomly predetermined from the General’s Handbook 2021. Rounds will be 2 1/2 hours long with breaks in between.
  • The tournament will be 2000 point armies. You can go under the 2K point limit but not over.
  • Three color minimum on all models in your army will be required. For example, color primer, base of the model painted brown, sword painted silver.
  • Proxied models will be allowed as long as they are reasonably similar to the model being proxied. We are using GW’s modeling standards so the majority of your model must be GW. Some 3D printed aspects will be acceptable such as insignias, helmet, or weapon upgrades. If you’re not sure about a model get ahold of one of the tournament organizers and send them a picture to see if it is acceptable.
  • Make sure to bring all books required to run your list, in case your opponents or the judges have any questions on how something works.
  • Finally make sure you bring any and all items to play the matches, dice, measuring tapes, movement trays, etc. We will not have any of those to loan out.

This will be a fun, casual tournament day.

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