Store Hours & Location


We are located at 1800 Garrett Way Suite 10 in the historic Westwood Mall.  Occasionally the front mall doors (the Outer Limits side) are locked.  If they are, come around to the north side (the side with Fitness Inc) and you'll see our sign and entrance :)


We are open the following hours:


Monday: 1pm-9pm


Tuesday: 1pm-9pm


Wednesday: 1pm-9pm


Thursday: 1pm-9pm


Friday: 2pm-10pm (Generally until 10pm or later when we are hosting Friday Night Magic)


Saturday: 2pm-8pm


Sunday: Closed, but with an exception.  We host a private gaming club on Sundays.  If they are here, we are open for sales, if they aren't, we are closed.  They're usually at the shop from 11am-6pm.  Call ahead and see if anyone is here before you come down on a Sunday :)