Monster Hunter World: Kushala Daora Expansion

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Kushala Daora shields itself with fierce winds, preventing anyone from approaching. Its skin — hard, metallic scales — can withstand all but the strongest weapons. You may as well try slaying a hurricane.

Brace yourself against raging winds with this elder dragon expansion, featuring the colossal Kushala Daora! Towering at more than 255mm tall with over a foot-long wingspan, Kushala Daora is the biggest monster in Monster Hunter World: The Board Game.

A draconic manifestation of arctic fury, Kushala Daora will force you to fight for every inch of ground you cover, and add a whole new level of difficulty and crafting to your game.

With new choice-driven adventures to explore, new loot to collect, and rare new weapons to craft, this massive monster will widen your campaigns, changing your approach to core set monsters by opening your world to different paths to success.

Battle increasingly tougher versions of Kushala Daora, crafting powerful elder dragon weapons to defeat even stronger monsters before you face the final boss!

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