Thunder Ridge Colossal Conundrum

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It's time again!  Our annual Thunder Ridge Colossal Conundrum is upon us!

When: 05-11-24

Registration starts at 9am, event starts at 10am

NAF Membership required


What to Bring:

  1. Painted blood bowl team. any team from any designer will work. Players must be clearly numbered . Players must also represent the position being played.
  2. 3 copies of your team roster.
  3. Blood bowl pitch block dice templates etc....


We will be using the the 2020 GW tournament rules as well as 2024 NAF official tournament rules found here:


Team Building:

Teams will have 1,100,000 gold pieces to build their roster. Must have 11 players (giant included for free) before adding a star player or mega star player. Limit of 1 star players per team. Coaches, cheerleaders and apothocaries can be hired as sideline staff. Rerolls can be bought at normal team cost.


Allowed Inducements:

Bloodweiser Kegs, Bribes, Halfling Master Chef, Mortuary Assistant, Plague Dr, Riotus Rookies, Biased Referee


We will be using the Games Workshop matched play guide for skills and star players.

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